Review: Looper


In a previous post I questioned the validity of poster quotes hailing Looper as this decade’s Matrix. Some have made these comparisons but for me it doesn’t come close to having the same impact and bears little or no similarities.

This is not to say that Looper is not a good film or an enjoyable film. Simply it proves that a film can not be judged on the poster content.

In 2074 time travel has been made possible but also illegal. Criminals however use it to transport those they want to disappear by sending people back in time 30 years. Waiting for them is a Looper. A Looper is hired to kill and dispose of those sent back in time with the reward attached to the body.

Sounds simple however eventually the gangsters needing to cut all ties will send their Looper their 30 year older self to dispose of and hence carry out what is referred to as ‘closing their loop’. When Bruce Willis arrives to be disposed of by his younger self, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and escapes the chase begins to have the loop closed.

Time travel films are nothing new and films such as Back to the Future, the Terminator franchise and Source Code all sprung to mind while viewing. Particularly the Terminator films where the change the past fix the future theme plays a large part. 

Looper is a good watch with a lot of good points not least its ability to poke fun at its own  sometimes ludicrous depiction of time travel. Also it has much to say over man’s desire t play God even when this involves making decisions relating to your own future self.The effects are very well done and action sequences certainly have you on the edge of your seat. 

The only problem still lies in that poor poster description. This is not as good as The Matrix, it s not as good as Terminator 2 and even Source Code is better at dealing with time travel issues. Looper has also been compared to Inception which again I feel is unwarranted. The intelligence of Inception is not even close to being matched in Looper.

However Looper is to be recommended, is highly enjoyable and will for many be an introduction to intelligent sic-fi. For those receiving an introduction however I feel there are better films that were made previously which offer a greater time travelling experience.