2012 – the year that was……..very good actually

Firstly a blogging apology.It’s fair to say it’s been a while since I did any blogging of any description. So for the 7 faithful readers out there apologies.

Hopefully 2013 will be more productive blog wise but it would be unfair to dive into the new year without showing some gratitude for the year past. 2012 was a great year I think  film wise. The biggest surprise for me was the amount of great films that were ‘traditional’ block buster style films.

2012 was the year of ‘The Hunger Games’ which left me so hungry for more I rushed out and bought the books after watching it.

It was a year that a comic book geek like me could only dream of. The Avengers Assembled and did so with great style, wit and comic book action and furthermore proved that it is possible to balance characters and screen time to big stars equally and effectively if correctly handled.

The Amazing Spiderman, while not amazing, was certainly a worthwhile reboot and helped go someway to eradicating memories of the really poor Tobey Maguire dance sequence in Spiderman 3. 

The Dark Knight trilogy concluded in spectacular fashion (I know not everyone feels this way) and for me was film of the year. It was long but never plodded. It was mainstream but also art house. It was comic based but message laden. It was unforgettable and I came out of the cinema wanting to go straight back in and see it again.

Prometheus came in a whirlwind of PR and viral videos and left manywith more questions than answers and an overwhelming sense of disappointment. I have to say though I enjoyed it. No it wasn’t perfect and the hype only detracted from the final piece but for me it’s still a good watch.

The dawn finally broke and the Twilight Saga reached its epic conclusion. I went to see the original Twilight somewhat reluctantly but became hooked and am a fully fledged convert. Breaking Dawn Part 2 was incredibly cheesy in places but still a great end to a great story.

Bond returned and what a return it was! Skyfall has been hailed as the ‘best Bond ever’ and the recent news of the film breaking the £100m mark make that hard to argue with.

So in conclusion thanks 2012 you were great although for balance you did also give us Battleship and The Bourne Legacy ah well you can’t have it all!