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The first rule of film club……..


This week sees the return of the film club I organise for those film fans within our church community (Fitzroy Presbyterian).  You will have to excuse me for being a bit ‘in-house’ with this post but I wanted to take some time to explain (if I can) the aim of what we are trying to do at film club as part of the bigger picture of our church and our faith.

This week I came across a blog by Eric Kuiper who runs an organisation called Into the Noise looking at film,art and music in an attempt to not only tease out the spiritual themes but discern if in fact God is in the midst of the things we watch and listen to. As he said in the post  “We all acknowledge art’s great ability to entertain us and help us escape. Those are not unimportant aspects. But many of us are increasingly aware that art does much more than that.” This for me is the crux of what I hope to achieve with our film club. It is not only to be entertained and socialise with other members of our church family but also not to go deeper into what we are watching and listen to God to speak throughout the film.

Using our local cinema has been great. Our church has the vision to take our community into the community around us on Belfast’s bustling Botanic Avenue. Having Queen’s Film Theatre (QFT) on our doorstep made a regular venue for film club a no brainer. With the widest range of films available in Belfast (a healthy mix of art house and mainstream), the ability to support an independent cinema and the fact that they produce their programme in advance meaning I can pick dates to hopefully suit as many as possible and work around other church events (we are a busy bunch at Fitzroy) it seemed the natural fit . 

The first year of film club was a great success we had different people every month and established a few regulars. I really appreciated getting a little time to meet new folk and spend quality time with those I already knew. This year I ‘m hoping to see more and more members of the congregation embrace film club and to do that I want to be clear about something.  

Last Sunday I was approached by an older member of the congregation who said they really wanted to see this month’s choice (Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine) but they didn’t want to make film club uncool by being there. Film club is for all ages (taking into account the film classification 12A, 15 of course) this is not a club based around age.

The first rule of film club is simple  -Love film.

Hopefully see loads of you there on Monday night 7:40pm @ QFT for Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine.

* More information about Into the Noise can be found at