Do Not Be Afraid……..It’s A Wonderful Life


Last weekend we had a  ‘Nativiteen’ at church where our teenagers and young people took us through the Nativity story. The stand out part of the story that came across was the numerous repetitions of ‘Do not be afraid’ from angels throughout the Christmas story. To Mary, to Elizabeth, to shepherds, to Joseph.

This week we are screening Its A Wonderful Life in church as part of our film club. Christmas tradition vary across families but one of mine growing up was everyone gathering round the TV to watch a  film together. So in the spirit of that showing a film in church where our church family meets seemed a great option.

It’s A Wonderful Life is  for me THE Christmas film with its themes of redemption and the intervention of God pulling back a life that is on the brink of destruction.

The film serves as a great reminder that through life’s struggles God is for us, alongside us encouraging us, willing us forward and where necessary pulling us back from the brink.

2013 may have been good to you, for some it  may be a year to forget.

2014 is around the corner but this week and going into the New Year  I’m challenged yet again by the Christmas story and this classic film.

Do not be afraid, God is still for us,it’s a wonderful life.

*If you are in Belfast the screening is Wed 18th Dec at Fitzroy Presbyterian church 730pm – come and watch a film with us.


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