Godzilla is coming but the monster is in good hands


Godzilla is coming, arguably the first ‘blockbuster’ of 2014 and I can’t wait. I’m not the biggest Godzilla fan in the world and we all know how horrible the last big screen attempt at Godzilla was. The reason for my excitement is the man who is in control – director Gareth Edwards.

Edwards is no stranger to monsters. His first full length feature saw him direct and write a great monster tale and all on a considerably lower budget than that of Godzilla.

Monsters  is a film that did not get enough attention on its initial release and really deserves to be watched more widely.

What Monsters achieves is to make invading aliens a secondary plot plan as the focus is on the relationship between the two main characters thrown together by circumstance and how they are drawn to each other through their experience.

To get Godzilla right a certain amount of mystery will be required. You don’t want to see the full behemoth in the first 2 minutes. You want suspense to build up the big reveal. Gareth Edwards can do this. He has done it with Monsters where the creatures who are so often a background presence are not fully revealed until the closing stages.

I am hopeful about Godzilla because if Monsters is any sort of standard bearer for how Edwards deals with monsters the real question will be just who the real monsters are?