Amazing Spider-Man 2 & Easter Saturday: Hope is a comma not a full stop


Yesterday was Good Friday a day of reflection, a day of sadness. I spent last night watching a Passion play depicting the last days of Jesus put on brilliantly by members of our congregation.

Afterwards I did something that some amy think rather odd. I didn’t quietly contemplate. I didn’t go home and pray for hours.

I took myself to the Dolby surround sound scaped, CGI laden, action packed Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Not the norm perhaps. Not for Good Friday. Possibly. It may however be a film for Easter Saturday.

Easter Saturday is an odd day, a supposedly dark day, a hopeless day.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is laden with hope. Speeches on hope, reflections on hope, the hope of discovering who you are, the hope of finding who you are meant to be, the hope of finding out facts of those you have lost.

Easter Saturday sees a broken, wounded, bloodied body resting in a tomb.

Those at the time thought hope was lost, hope was dead.

Those of us who have Easter Saturday today realise that hope was not lost. Hope lay broken wounded, and bloodied but hope was a comma and not a full stop.


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