Matrix Revolutions & the cycle of change


“You played a very dangerous game.”

“Change always is.”

Let’s be clear about something. Matrix revolutions is a messy film. Its dialogue heavy and often that dialogue doesn’t, if I’m being honest, make a lot of sense. For many it was a disappointing and indeed unsatisfactory end to the trilogy.

It does however have a point.

At its core is the message of change.

Throughout the film Neo is asked ‘Don’t I know you?’ or characters exclaim ‘This seems familiar’. Like any good computer program the Matrix has cycles. Patterns that must repeat.  A story that stays the same.

Neo however moves the goalposts, his last act of sacrifice is a game changer. Everything resets. There is a new start or at least the hope of a new start as laid out in a conversation between the Architect and the Oracle at the films climax.

Elections loom in Northern Ireland for EU and local government. When I sit round tables with friends and hear how they don’t want the same old thing I get excited. I can’t help but feel change is coming.

As another cycle for Northern Ireland approaches there is a chance the old cycle may repeat, the story may stay the same.

There is however the possibility that something new may happen or at least, if the tables I sit round transfer into votes, the hope of something new.


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