Edge of Tomorrow: Ctrl Alt Del


Imagine the possibility of being able to correct the mistakes of the previous day.

Edge of Tomorrow gives Cage (Tom Cruise) just that opportunity. After being dropped into a war he doesn’t want to be a part of Cage is killed only to wake up back where he started. 

It is clear that in order to win the war he replays ‘daily’ Cage must progress through a certain path, learning from his mistakes. 

As the film progresses so too do his skills, his knowledge, his ability to confront his fears and concerns. By the films conclusion his experiences have made him stronger, smarter and better equipped to deal with what comes his way.

As a Dad I constantly make mistakes. As a husband I do likewise.

I let friends down, I can be selfish, put my own agenda first.

I don’t have the ability to regenerate, and start over.

I do have the ability to learn, grow and adapt to be better equipped.

Cage relives the same day on repeat and that’s where we differ.

Mistakes are made on a daily basis. We can’t go back and do things over like Cage.

Every new day brings new opportunities and the chance to show what we have learnt. We have the option to never experience the same day twice.

Ctrl Alt Del