Review: The Drop


Directed by Michael P Roskam and based on a short story (Animal Rescue) by Denis Lehane ‘The Drop’ centres on  Bob (Tom Hardy) and Cousin Marv (James Galdofini in his final on-screen appearance).Marv is the ex hard man of the area and has seen his turf taken over by Chechen gangsters. His bar is now used as a drop bar where dirty money is left for collection. The bar is held up and the gangsters want their money back.

Meanwhile Bob, on his walk home from work, finds a mistreated pit bull puppy in a trash can outside the home off local resident Nadia (Noomi Rapace). A relationship then begins to blossom as the pair care for this puppy and in the background is the menacing presence of Nadia’s ex played by Michael Schoenaerts.

Firstly the positives. The performances in this film are great Galdofini is in great gruff form, Rapace is good  and Tom Hardy in particular is a great screen presence. The more I see of Tom Hardy the bigger fan I am becoming.

The film however does have some problems. For something based on a short story it does seem to have too many narrative threads fighting for your attention. Chechen gangsters, Hardy and Rapace’s relationship, the psychotic ex, Galdofini attempting to recover old glories, an under used detective character chasing a cold case connected to all involved. In some ways I wish the film had focused on one or two aspects rather than all threads be given the same level of consideration.

This is a decent crime drama, worth seeing for some great performances. A final cinematic outing for Galdofini is also a highlight. However due to the aforementioned flaws, unlike Galdofini, ‘The Drop’ will not live long in the memory.


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