Disappointment of 2014: Snowpiercer


To call Snowpiercer my disappointment 2014 may come as a shock to some. Those who know my love of sci-fi will know that Snowpiercer is in fact one of my highlights of 2014. So why label it a disappointment?

It’s quite simple my disappointment is because if you are reading this in the UK it’s highly likely you haven’t seen Snowpiercer. Sadly, from all reports, there is a high chance you never will.

Set in 2031, the entire world is frozen except for those aboard the Snowpiercer. For 17 years, the world’s survivors are on a train hurtling around the globe creating their own economy and class system. Led by Curtis (Chris Evans), a group of lower-class citizens living in squalor at the back of the train are determined to get to the front of the train and spread the wealth around. Each section of the train holds new surprises for the group who have to battle their way through to the top carriage.

There is a long running disagreement between the director, Joon-ho Bong, and production company, the Weinstein company. Allegedly the tale is that one of the parties want a further edit that would take 20 minutes of the running time. This (as far as I’m concerned) is unnecessary. I thought this film was terrific with great direction, beautifully shot, well acted and a plot that in 2014 of all years has great relevance with it’s social class message.

Currently this film has no UK distributor attached and looks unlikely that it will.

This is such a shame a more people deserve to see this great piece of work.

When you consider the endless trail of sequels, and some of the frankly terrible efforts that do make cinematic release it makes Snowpiercer all the more tragic.

The film has reached mainland Europe and had a screening at the Edinburgh Film Festival. You can find it on Region 2 DVD or if you have a multi region player it’s not a problem. Seek it out, see this film join the minority who are no longer disappointed.


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