Neill Blomkamp: Dystopian futures that speak to today

Chappie Poster

Chappie is released this weekend in the UK and I’m excited about seeing it. Over the last few years I have, after several repeat viewings, become a huge fan of Neill Blomkamp’s previous films District 9 and Elysium.

Blomkamp attempts to make intelligent science fiction. Neither District 9 or Elysium are perfect films but in both cases they attempt to make bold statements on our current world through dystopian futures.

Blomkamp appears to be interested in the social structures we have created be it either through race, as depicted in District 9, or the class system, as depicted in Elysium.

Chappie appears, from my viewings of the various trailers, to tap into this idea again. How do we cope with someone different? Someone who wants to be seen on a level playing field and yet are rejected based on appearance, race, religion, sexuality or whatever the difference may be.

Whether intentional or not Blomkamp is acknowledging something very current in our world. Our fear of the stranger, our fear of difference and ultimately our fear of change.

I can’t wait for Chappie this weekend and I’m even more excited to see another Blomkamp dystopian future that could help us address the present .


One thought on “Neill Blomkamp: Dystopian futures that speak to today

  1. Completely agree. The whole world is separating us into those that are the same and the others, be it through nationality or material goods. I too believe that Blomkampf will depict that notion very well.

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