Movies for Lent: Calvary


I’ve written several times on this blog about how great I think Calvary is. It can not be over stated how much of an impact the film has had me on me. It has been roughly a year since I first watched it, to date I have not re-watched it and yet I am still in awe of it.

Calvary is not simply another darkly comedic, McDonagh directed, Irish film. It is not simply a satirical look at the cause and effect of the numerous abuse cases still being uncovered and dealt with in Ireland. It is not just a swipe at the bankers who have crippled Ireland and brought austerity through their negligence. It is not just about the changing relationship between the man/woman in the street and their dwindling relationship with the church. It is about all these things and more.

It is all these things and it is also Easter.

The man accused when he has committed no crime.

The man who encounters and has embraced those that society rejects. The prostitute, the rich young rule (banker) to name just a couple.

The man who receives no help from religious rulers the very people who SHOULD be on his side.

The man who witnesses the community around him change from welcoming him to turn on him within a week

The man who faces his accuser, listens to their lies and takes the blame.

Calvary is Easter and Easter is Calvary.

*Calvary is now streaming on Netflix in the UK


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