Belfast Film Festival : I Am Belfast


Belfast Film Festival opened on 16th April with the latest piece of cinematic wonder from director Mark Cousins, I Am Belfast.

The spirit of Belfast is our guide, embodied in the haunting performance of Helena Bereen and Mark Cousins uses her to bring us a film that is first and foremost a love letter to the city. Part tale of wonder, part tale of mourning tinged with tender regret, this film captures Belfast in a beautiful new light.

Even for this Belfast boy the old and familiar places were given new life and their stories freshly  presented through Cousin’s amazing vision. His attention to detail in some shots of the city are truly breath taking and his moments of revelation pull at all available emotion.

Poignant and heartfelt I Am Belfast is a film that is not purely Belfast-centric but tells a story that makes us wonder what tales other cities would tell.

A sequence depicting the death of the ‘last bigot’ brings hope and gives us a vision that Belfast, or any city, could aspire to.

Our people described a salt and sweet throughout is a perfect summation of our character traits here in Belfast and we are captured well in this outing.

Mark Cousins never fails to impress me and I Am Belfast continues that trend wonderfully. All we can hope is that this part dreamscape part documentarian love letter reaches the wide audience it deserves.


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