Review: Amy


I left Amy feeling broken-hearted all over again.

I left Amy full of regret for allowing myself to forget. My justification on my walk back to my car was that our world moves too quickly these days. That events, like the death of Amy Winehouse, disappear all too quickly into rolling news and social media feeds .

I had forgotten about Amy.

I had forgotten how I felt when the news broke at the time.

I had forgotten what a talent she was.

I had forgotten how recent a tragedy this was and most of all I had forgotten what a talent she was.

Asif Kapadia has made a documentary that will serve as a long-standing reminder so that we never forget again. The story of Amy is not sugar-coated, not glamorised and her awareness of her own flaws are on-screen for all to see and hear but what stands out is the loss.

Those who knew her well mourn through their recollections which tell the story for us. Their guilt infused tales pour from the screen like the tears the audience sheds as they listen.

While Winehouse sings her words appear around her and you see the true talent, the writer whose eloquence was hardly ever discussed. We the audience are left to wonder if we will ever see the like again in this X Factor age.

We watch as she receives the Grammy for best record and we see on her face simultaneously all the joy of the moment and the fear of what the notoriety will bring. Among the swarms of press photographers chasing her through London streets we see fear and bewilderment in her eyes.

Comedians tell jokes about her and we the audience feel pangs of guilt as we realise that we all laughed at one time at these now seemingly distasteful gags. Perhaps we all played our part in her demise?

The film however does not appear interested, at any point, of attributing blame for what happened. Where fault lies in the tragedy that unfolded is left for the audience to debate afterwards.

For Amy fans this documentary serves as a tragic love letter of appreciation to a flawed but talented star.

For those who had forgotten how great she was this was a perfect reminder.

I had forgotten about Amy.

Asif Kapadia helped me remember.


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