Pulp Fiction: Cinematic Grace


This weekend in Belfast the lovely folk of Pop Up Film Club are hosting a Tarantino weekender. It all kicks off tonight with a midnight screening of From Dusk Till Dawn, Sunday evening its Reservoir Dogs and on Saturday it’s my personal favourite Pulp Fiction (which is sold out).

The guys are promising a fully immersive experience each night complete with 5 dollar shakes, Big Kahuna burgers and even floor space to twist the night away.

It may seem odd for a blogger like me to plug a Tarantino weekend. Violence reigns in Tartantino’s work albeit in an explosive cartoonish way. However there is something about Pulp Fiction in particular that appeals. It may seem odd to say it but Pulp Fiction is  a film filled with the concept of grace.

Grace reigns throughout Pulp Fiction. Amid the body count, in amongst the violence, the drug taking and subsequent overdosing of Mia Wallace (A sequence that I still watch through fingers all these years later) and the cut and paster narrative there is grace in abundance.

Several of the high-profile characters experience a second chance. A second chance that for some characters we as the audience feel is undeserved.

Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) is rescued from her previously mentioned over dosed state.

Bruce Willis’ boxer Butch (having showed undeserved grace to Marcellus Wallace) rides off into the sunset on a chopper called Grace highlighting that grace is the vehicle for a new start.

Jule (Samuel L Jackson) inexplicably avoids being shot leading to an ‘epiphany’ for the scripture quoting gangster.

Grace however is unique. It breaks into the most unlikely of places. It upsets the norm. It make us uncomfortable when those we deem unworthy receive it.

Pulp Fiction is violent, it is without doubt difficult to watch in places but it may just be the best example of grace we have on film.


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