A Post for Back to the Future Day


“Your future hasn’t been written yet. No one’s has. Your future is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.” – Doc Brown

So today’s the day. The day Doc and Marty land in 2015 and see the world we are all supposed to be living in. As we now know Power Laces never made it (sadly) and Jaws 19 never made it either (probable for the best) but fans today will gather today in cinemas worldwide to celebrate this date contained in what many consider a perfect trilogy.

Back to the Future is without doubt the film that I have from the age of 8/9 repeatedly watched. I love it to bits. If I hear the music I find the nearest chair and settle down for what is to me perfect cinematic comfort food. Back to the Future is in part responsible for my love of movie watching and I am unapologetic in my love for it even though I’m at an age where I should probably know better.

A great family film I’m on the cusp of introducing it to my kids and hoping that it sticks with them as a favourite too. Essentially its a story about family as Marty tries to help his family in the past, the future and (in his relationship with Doc Brown) his ‘family’ in the distant past too.

This is why I feel Back to the Future endures, possibly more so than any other film of that era.

What other film speaks to that motion of family today in 2015 more strongly that Back to the Future?

What other films deals so smartly with time travel (take note people responsible for Terminator Genisys)?

What other film so clearly affirms for us that the future lies ahead, unwritten with unlimited potential?

Tonight I’ll settle down in Belfast’s Grand Opera House and watch one of my favourites and feel the film’s warm embrace again. I hope wherever you are you do too.

Happy Back to the Future Day folks.


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