Birdman: The Voices In Us All


Birdman might win Best Picture Oscar this year. No really it could. The constantly moving camera, the Keaton performance, the excellent cast surrounding him, the great direction, the nods to the actors struggle, it is certainly a powerful contender.

Based around the failing career or Keaton’s Riga’s we follow his journey to have one final attempt at stardom via  writing, producing, directing and starring in his self funded Broadway play. Riggans is a man with a past, a faded career following his success as the superhero Birdman. This is clearly the only thing of note he ever did and is now recognisable for.

Riggans is haunted by his former success and as the film develops we hear a gravelly voiced narrator chipping away at his confidence reminding him of past glories and how they used to be the only show in town. The character of Birdman haunts him but more than this he is haunted by the voice of who he used to be.

We all hear those voices.

The voices that remind of past mistakes.

The voices that tell us no one will read this blog so why waste the time?

The voice that says you could do better.

The voice that questions your ability as a parent, husband, wife, friend.

So many of us listen to that voice and believe its every word.

There is however another voice.

The voice that tells us we are loved.

The voice that tells us we are accepted even with our faults.

That pushes us forward.

The voice that calls us on.

The voice that encourages us to be better.

The voice that called the light into being.

The voice that screamed it is finished.

The voices are always there. The choice is which one we listen to.